What was the reason for investing in an oil filter from Maskinsupport?
“We wanted to try out the oil filter for use in maritime environment.”

Did it live up to the expectations?
“Definitely, we have already been able to double the operational time between oil changes, maybe it will even be able to triple it – meaning that the investment will be profitable already at the first oil change.”

Any other effects?
“At an early stage we could notice a significant improvement of the oil’s condition after it had been cleaned through the Maskinsupport filter.”

Have you invested in more filters?
“We are planning to install another Kleenoil filter in a sister ship in the Vänern lake.”

Have you tested your oil via the oil analysis service?
“We send oil tests for analysis regularly every 200-250 hours of operation to both our oil supplier and to the Maskinsupport lab. We are very satisfied with the reports from the Maskinsupport lab. The results are presented in a very distinct and orderly fashion.”

In that case, what has the analysis meant for you?
“We get a very clear picture of the oil’s condition and when it is time to change it.”

Any other effects of the oil filter for the overall operation?
“The prolonged intervals between oil changes also mean that we don’t have to mess with the dirty changes as often. The destruction costs also decreases relative to the number of operational hours.”

What is your opinion of the support and service provided by Maskinsupport?
“The cooperation is brilliant, if we have any questions we get fast support.”

Any wishes for improvements of the products or anything else when it comes to Maskinsupport’s offer?
“The only thing we have thought of is the somewhat high noise level from the pump, but there are obviously new pumps that are barely audible.”