Name/job title: Jan-Åke Björck, Head of Purchasing
Company/town: Rottne Industrier, Rottne
Turnover: Approx 400 MSEK/year
Number of machines/vehicles with oil filters: approx 1500
Type of filter: Standard fitting of oil filters for hydraulics in forest machinery
Customer of Maskinsupport (and Kleenoil) since 1994

What was the reason you invested in your first oil filter(s)?
We were looking for a solution to clean the hydraulic oil, primarily of water. We began to test different options and since the end of the 1990s, we have fitted Kleenoil filters as standard for the hydraulic systems in our forest tractors and harvesters.

Have the expectations you had then been met?
Absolutely. The cleaning is very effective even for rust and other particles in the hydraulic system. This reduces our customers’ needs for oil changes, and they have much better control.

Have there been any other effects?
It is positive that some insurance companies offer lower premiums to those who have our machines with oil filters.

Have you also installed oil filters for engine oil?
We are currently testing filters for engine oil and that is going very well.

Have you tested your oil via the oil analysis service?
Yes, this is now part of the tests for engine oil.

If so, what has the analysis meant to you?
It tells us the outcome in the different test situations.

Can you make an assessment of what the oil filters mean to your business overall?
Of course it is a sales argument and contributes to the high reliability of our machines. Unfortunately, not all customers understand how good they are. We also have aftermarket sales of filter inserts and fittings, which can be ordered via our system. These kits are marked with our logo.

What do you think about Maskinsupport’s customer support and service?
Since we started with these filters, we have worked with a local company from Kalmar, Allan Gyllenlind AB, which is a distributor of Kleenoil’s products and continues to be so even today. We are also in direct contact with Maskinsupport and we think that works really well.

Are there any improvements/changes you would like to see to the product or otherwise with regard to what Maskinsupport offers?
Not really. The increasing focus on environmental thinking permeates our whole range, and oil filtration is an important part of that. The fact that we are a completely Swedish manufacturer of forest machinery and have our own resources for everything from design to aftermarket means that we have full control of how the market develops and can quickly adapt to changing requirements. We know the consequences for our customers of downtime if the hydraulics don’t work.