Name/job title: Karl-Åke Andersson, Designer
Company/town: Cargotec, Lidhult
Number of machines/vehicles with oil filters: Installed as standard on approx 3000 container and fork-lift trucks used in, for example, ports, ironworks and quarries
Type of filter: Inbuilt hydraulic filter
Customer of Maskinsupport (and Kleenoil) since 2004

What was the reason you invested in your first oil filter(s)?
We wanted cleaner oil and to get rid of the water in the oil.

Have the expectations you had then been met?
Yes, it has worked well. If you test the oil after 100 hours of operation approx half of the particles have gone.

Have there been any other effects?
The machines have become more reliable and we also have fewer complaints about some of the parts.

How many oil changes do you have per year with filters and how many did you have before?

It varies a lot depending on where the machines are used and their operating time. We recommend an oil change after approx 2000 hours. This is of course down to the contractor concerned, but my view is that more and more people are using oil samples to test if the oil needs to be changed. As it is a question of 700-800 litres of oil every time, it is extremely expensive to do it unnecessarily!

Can you make an assessment of what the oil filters mean to your business overall?
Of course the machines work better with cleaner oil.

What do you think about Maskinsupport’s customer support and service?
Most of my contact has been with Roger Lindén in Ytterhogdal and there have not been any problems.

Are there any improvements/changes you would like to see to the product or otherwise with regard to what Maskinsupport offers?
It would be good if the design for fixing the filter could be changed. We can’t use the standard solution so we have had to devise our own solution. It ought to be easier to do.