An oil analysis is a health check for the whole vehicle.

Oil samples can be used for many purposes other than just a first ‘diagnosis’. They can be taken regularly to provide a good overall picture of the requirements of vehicles/machines for engine and hydraulic oil. The expression ‘check the oil’ really does take on a new meaning!

Oil samples can also be carried out as a health check for a particular machine as they reveal if there are metal particles in the oil, indicating that something is about to break. We therefore recommend taking oil samples when, for example, buying a used machine or vehicle to ensure it is in good condition.

Independent lab for objective analyses

Maskinsupport works with an independent lab that carries out advanced oil analyses of most oils. The sample results are then available on a big web portal, which can be used as a service log where all service information can be stored. The oil analyses and your own work can then be searched from different places depending on what needs to be compared. The lab’s recommendations are easy to read and, together with the experience of the service staff, should form the basis of the work that is then carried out.

Getting started with Maskinsupport’s oil cleaning system ‘bypass’:

  • An oil sample is taken from the vehicle or machine.
  • The oil sample is analysed, similarly to a blood sample, and provides information on the condition of the oil and an indication of any machine components that may be in the risk zone.
  • The results of the oil sample are published and easily accessible as a web service. As well as the results, there is a recommendation for measures that should be taken.
  • You can analyse the results yourself or ask us for help at Maskinsupport, and we will draw up an action plan.
  • If it turns out that a filter system would be useful to you, it can easily be fitted to the vehicles/machines.
  • New filter cartridges will be delivered to you according to the plan drawn up or on your order.