Getting started with Maskinsupport’s oil cleaning system ‘bypass’:

  • An oil sample is taken from the vehicle or machine.
  • The oil sample is analysed, similarly to a blood sample, and provides information on the condition of the oil and an indication of any machine components that may be in the risk zone.
  • The results of the oil sample are published and easily accessible as a web service. As well as the results, there is a recommendation for measures that should be taken.
  • You can analyse the results yourself or ask us for help at Maskinsupport, and we will draw up an action plan.
  • If it turns out that a filter system would be useful to you, it can easily be fitted to the vehicles/machines.
  • New filter cartridges will be delivered to you according to the plan drawn up or on your order.

Maskinsupport’s oil filters have been installed in thousands of vehicles/machines in Sweden, as standard and retrofitted. The filters are also used in a number of other countries. A normal installation is easily carried out in about an hour. A filter change takes about five minutes.