Kleenoil is the filter that purifies the oil in your vehicles. The ordinary vehicle filter will take care of particles size 25–30 μm. The Kleenoil filter will remove particles down to size 1 μm. The filter will eliminate both soot and impurities that the ordinary filter doesn’t take care of. The method is bypass filtration that means that, instead of oil change, can keep on using the same oil – up to four times as long. A cleaner oil also reduces the oil consumption and leads to reduced motor wear. The motor friction is reduced and the motor lubrication is improved, which also can lead to reduced fuel consumption.

The Kleenoil history started almost a 100 years ago when the American army needed a way to enhance the lifetime of their terrain vehicles with a reduced number of oil changes. The result was efficient filters that nowadays are used by several large machine and transport companies all over the world.

The Kleenoil filters are sold by Maskinsupport Europa AB in Sweden and a number of other countries. Our vision is “smart technology for machine and service”. Our customers are companies that daily rely on vehicles and machines and where oil service is a substantial cost. Those customers can install Kleenoil filters at a reasonable cost and be rewarded with great savings.


  • Decreased number of oil changes and also reduced combustion of spillage oil, leading to reduced emission of sulphor dioxide
    and reduced environmental impact.
  • Studies show that if the filter is used during a full year and the fuel consumption is reduced by 1 percent gives a reduced amount of
    sulphor dioxide equivalent with 300 km car travel.
  • The use of Kleenoil reduces engine wear and can prevent technical problems caused by the use of bio fuels. This makes Kleenoil an advantageous product from an environmental point of view.
  • An ordinary engine filter reduces the particles down to size 25–30 μm depending of make. Kleenoil filters in the range 1–25 μm, which will make the oil much purer and reduce the friction within the engine that also can lead to a lower fuel consumption.