Name/job title: Lars Holgersson, Technical Manager
Company/town: Keolis Sverige AB operates bus services in a number of towns, cities and counties with a total of approx 2000 buses
Number of machines/vehicles with oil filters: Permanent filter installations at seven depot filling stations and engine filters installed on three buses
Customer of Maskinsupport (and Kleenoil) since 2010

What was the reason you invested in your first oil filter(s)?
We had trouble with the reliability of the buses that run on biofuel in the Gothenburg area. The inbuilt standard filters clogged up after too little mileage. Water in the fuel was one factor, and when we found out about the Kleenoil filters, we saw an opportunity to solve the problem. We put permanent filter installations at some of the depot tanks. We also fitted extra bypass systems on three buses.

Have the expectations you had then been met?
Absolutely. When it comes to the tank filters we had positive effects and improved reliability straight away. Since then, we have installed the same filter at further places with tanks and it has also become standard for future tank changes. When it comes to the filters on the buses, we haven’t had the same obvious results, but it is more of a test that we are evaluating over a longer period. We hope it will lead to reduced costs for service and maintenance.

Have there been any other effects?
We have learnt a lot about different qualities of biodiesel. It can be a little tricky with the same name for several products. We have now changed to a better quality, which has also led to positive results.

How many oil changes do you have per year with filters and how many did you have before?

It is difficult to say as we haven’t used the filters very long but the effect is clearly noticeable.

Have you tested your oil via the oil analysis service?
Oil analyses have been an important part of the work and we have carried out a large number of analyses on the fuel in the buses. Now, we carry out regular analyses and we may increase this further.

If so, what has the analysis meant to you?
It is a very good tool for keeping an eye on the condition of the fuel. It also gives us information on which to base decisions, i.e. it’s not just what someone thinks. With the help of the analyses, we can also decide if we have the right service interval. Oil analyses also contributed to more comprehensive decision data when we were going to purchase a bus pool. With the help of the analyses we could determine the condition of the buses in detail, which was very positive in the procurement.

Can you make an assessment of what the oil filters mean to your business overall?
For us it is crucial that the buses run, so it is very important to safeguard operation. In total we have approx 200 buses that run on biofuel. In general, it is all about biofuels in all procurement in our industry.

What do you think about Maskinsupport’s customer support and service?
They do a good job and have met our requirements well.

Are there any improvements/changes you would like to see to the product or otherwise with regard to what Maskinsupport offers?
No, but maybe one piece of advice. It is important to be at hand with service and aftermarket close to the customers when the market grows, especially with customers like us for whom it is a question of hours, not days! Keolis has grown quickly in recent years so we know all about growing pains!